Questions about ordering

Which methods of payment does SAXOPRINT offer?

When can I pay for my order?

Is it possible to pay on the customer area?

How can I supply my artwork?

Can I get a proof for the approval of my print?

Questions about the delivery

How long does it take for production and delivery?

Which destinations does saxoprint.co.uk deliver to?

Can the order be dispatched anonymously?

Do I have the possibility of indicating multiple delivery addresses?

Questions concerning your order

Where can I find out about the current status of my order?

Can I track the shipping of my order?

Do I have the possibility to choose an individual name for my print job?

How can I cancel my order?

What can I do if I’m unsatisfied with the printed product?

Questions concerning artwork

Which file formats do we accept?

Do I need print-ready files?

What do I need to be aware of when creating my print file?

Why an additional bleed of 2 mm?

Does saxoprint.co.uk check my artwork?

What is included in your standard artwork check?

What is included in your superior artwork check?

How do I create artwork for packaging printing correctly?

Questions concerning products

Which characteristics do the different types of paper have?

In what types of materials are the advertising technology products available?

Does SAXOPRINT offer spot colours?

What does “creasing” mean and for which folded leaflets and brochures is it recommendable?

Which is the correct side (long/short) for the binding of brochures?

What is important when preparing the artwork for brochures with perfect binding and books with hardcover?

What does PUR stand for in perfect binding?

What needs to be taken into account when ordering notepads and desk pads?

What is the difference between UV coating and lamination?

For which products is a finishing available?

What do I have to consider when I choose finishing?

Technical questions

Saxoprint.co.uk does not work correctly, what is the problem?