Data security

Data security

With security and certification

Your security always comes first with us.

We ensure smooth purchasing transactions through high security standards and guarantee you the highest level of quality control via Trusted Shops and SSL.

★★★★★ are worth a thousand words

Our customers can use the Trusted Shops customer ratings to evaluate the quality of SAXOPRINT so that other visitors can clearly see this information. The customer rating consists of the reliability rating from Trusted Shops as well as customer opinions regarding SAXOPRINT in relation to delivery, products and customer service over the last 12 months.

You can obtain more information directly from Trusted Shops.

Your data is secure with SSL

SSL certificates ensure that your payment and customer data remains confidential. This means you can submit your sensitive data over the Internet with peace of mind, as this can only be accessed by the sender and recipient.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates protect against unauthorised manipulation in three key ways:

  1. SSL certificates enable the encryption of confidential data in the case of online transactions
  2. Each SSL certificate contains unique and authenticated information about the owner of the certificate
  3. A certification authority verifies the identity of the certificate owner upon issuing the certificate.

How can I recognise an SSL connection?

When you visit a secure website, an SSL certificate provides information about the web server and creates an encrypted connection. This process takes place within a fraction of a second. The SSL connection 'https' provides the assurance and clearly visible identification in the web browser that this is a proper and secure connection.

The SSL connection 'https' is displayed during registration or during the order process, for example, as sensitive information is transmitted in these situations. We enable you to shop and transmit your data with confidence and peace of mind.