Partnerships and cooperations

Racing for big points with SAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany in Moto3™

After two successful years with IDM-Moto3 winner Max Kappler we extended our engagement in motor racing.

SAXOPRINT Racing Team GermanyRacing Team Germany

After two successful years with the IDM Moto 3 Master Max Kappler, we have extended our engagement in motorcycle racing. With both grand Prix riders John McPhee (England) and Alexis Masbou (France) The SAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany on Honda equipment (since 2014) aim to score points at the motorcycle world championship. Head of the team, Dirk Heidolf, a former GP rider and current team leader runs the business. Since March 2014 we have been the official main sponsor and eponym.

The print industry and motor sport set their trust in innovative technology and speed, these similarities provide the reasons for an international sponsorship engagement with SAXOPRINT. Both industries look to achieve an optimum result down to the smallest detail, be it on precision Honda's or state of the art eight-colour Heidelberg printing machines.